Pro Shop Pub

73% love it
Clearwater's oldest neighborhood pub
A laidback, casual getaway bar, serving locals and tourists drink specials regularly.
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    • blazingbear1
      blazingbear1 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      I had read favorable reviews of this bar so decided to check it out one Saturday afternoon in November. Although the bar wasn't crowded, almost every seat at the bar was SMOKERS! EVERYONE in the bar was smoking. If you're not a smoker, you most likely won't be comfortable in there ( I wasn't) I ordered a beer and it seemed like a nice crowd but couldn't wait to finish my beer and leave. Having recently moved to FL I am still shocked over how many people here smoke! I won't be returning anytime soon.

    • willie1116
      willie1116 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Fun place
      Fun place! Great menu (lol)! Steve was good fun!

    • Josh.Cramer
      Josh.Cramer Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Nice bar, good drinks, friendly atmosphere
      Very nice casual bar with friendly people. The bartender let me play with the channels on the nice widescreen TV, I found Walking Dead. I totally was very happy it had captions because of my hearing disability. :) The budweisers and mixed drinks were very good quality and very cold! ^_^ And the bathrooms not so bad, my bag kept the door from falling open, lol and not like I have anything to hide! I have my likes and dislikes like everyone else but I believe that perhaps this could be a positive place for me to meet other young gay guys who aren't dramatic and into living the rich person's life with credit card debt and using their dates for free stuff, etc., Oh, and the ventilation was the best I've ever experienced in a bar! I didn't even need my hand fan I always bring to bars since drinking tends to raise my body temperature! Lol Well anyway, it's located in scenic Downtown Clearwater, and with its pool tables and TV's and all, like a manly sports bar of reasonable price (versus, a sissy club of unreasonable price lol), I say, despite my so far only one-night's experience with the place, it's totally for the regular gay guy (or even lesbian or whoever else desires simple and casual) of any age and type who can't stand the loud, obnoxious, overpriced, snobby, two-faced club scene! Yay for Pro Shop Pub! <3 Gay Pride! :D

    • JonnyGent
      JonnyGent Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Horrible Bar
      This is the nastiest and smokiest bar I have ever seen. The bar tenders are ok but Steve is slow as fuck. He can't even chill a shot properly. They have metered pourers on all of their bottles which is horrible. Good luck getting a strong drink. There are no locks on the bathroom doors to keep people from fucking and sucking each other and doing drugs. They bar opened in the 70's and has not been properly cleaned or renovated since. DO NOT GO HERE EVER!! I would pick less than one star if I could.

    • Longtime Fan
      I have been going here for years. I was welcomed the first time I walked in the door. And still am. These "Georgie's Princesses" are bitter and it's STUPID T Pro Shop just celebrated 37 years. They couldn't stay around that long if these negative reviews were true!

    • averageguy
      averageguy Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Don't Bother With Underwear Night
      Go to 2606 for Monday Underwear night. Monday's at the Pro Shop gives a new meaning to lame. The website and the bartenders say it's a busy night and lot's of guys in underwear, NOT! At peak there were 12 patrons. The average age of the patrons is 61 or so, of which 1 was in underwear. They have ice issues, your beer could be warm. Your bottled water, however will be served partially frozen. You will get a list of excuses from the bartender about why they believe the night is lame. The dancers are way not good and don't seem to care about whether or not they are good or are entertaining to the oldsters watching or not watching them. The drinks are poured by a measurement device and are not even moderately strong. All in all, stay away unless you are into a very smokey foul smelling atmosphere and daddies.

    • TylerTyler
      TylerTyler Over a year ago
      Hates it

      The True fact is that it's horrible
      Bizarre threats of legal action will not stop a negative opinion and I'll post one. The true fact is that this is a straight owned place and, when I was there, a number of patrons talked about DUI as they were drinking and driving home. We all know arrests have been made for that. Any bar has a legal obligation not to serve drunks. The True fact is that the atmosphere is very stale and smokey and the clientele that I have seen is elderly. The true fact is that there have been bar fights fueled by drink and life long gay self hatred. Not really a place I want to be or would think people I like should attend so a heads up is in order. I don't think all the negative reviews come from one guy but I do think management has written reviews praising the place. Management should apologize to people who have spent money here. In short this place is really stinko

    • BettyBoobdapoop
      BettyBoobdapoop Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Your Grandfather in his Underwear
      do you really want to see it? This place sucks.

    • MrTibbs
      MrTibbs Over a year ago
      Hates it

      A real trailer trash hick dump
      Look, I'm not against a bar for older guys as I'm not young myself but have a little class. The last time I went some old smashed hillybilly who washes his dirty long hair once a year exposed himself while two of the nailed to the barstool types were talking about how they found out they were gay after 65. When drunk (which is like everyday with these losers) the self hatred comes out with all sorts of "fag" hostility. There is really no reason to go here. I blame the management as Clearwater could have a nice tourist turnover. As it stands, if you ever got a hard on at the wrong time, all you have to do to deflate it is think of the the customers here! It is small town mid west transplanted to Florida 50 years too late. But they make money selling booze to stoned drivers, which is illegal and endangers us all. If your scene is to have some filthy old bum slobbering over you, come on down.

    • Marshamarsha
      Marshamarsha Over a year ago
      Hates it

      I agree with the negative reviews
      And like to add that on one review site the manager has no less than seven rave reviews of the place while insulting its critics. At the same time, the straight owner is anything but de-lux and even her own employees dish her to filth. The bar is foul smelling and seedy. Almost empty except for old alcoholics regs who they know are driving but continue to sell liquor to.

    • Lushious
      Lushious Over a year ago
      Hates it

      The Pro Hole is the bottom of the sewer!
      If you are in the market for a 59 year old toothless hustler or to hear tales of lifelong gay self hatred while the dreg-u-lars cough on cigarettes and drive home drunk, this is the place. I have popped in maybe five times out of boredom and never wanted to meet anyone there. To be fair, one bartender is nice even though he admits to DUI. I have a partner so don't need to cruise bars but even if I was alone, I would prefer my hands to this miasmic hole.

    • Hunkyone
      Hunkyone Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Old Trailer trash Closet Queens seeking to "Get Lucky"
      Any day you come in, the same 3 tired old queens are sitting on the same chairs or gazing into outer space in a stoned stupor. They smell of tobacco and stale stale booze. They dish the dirt about someone not present. This is what you find here...loserville anger over their failed lives.

    • crashoveri08
      crashoveri08 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      love pro shop
      I&#039;m only 27 and I&#039;m not a club person I LOVE the pro shop yea there is an older croud but to those of u bashing this place cause of the older croud going out to have fun at the bar dose not mean looking for a peice of ass it&#039;s about having fun and getting drunk. The bartenders are more than friendly and so is there clientele I&#039;ve had some good times in that place playing the wii and shooting some pool deff a great place to go

    • Frankiehot
      Frankiehot Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Serving Drunkards who drive
      not the community. The bar is nothing but a craphole and you will only meet the most sad cases here. That is why I stopped going. During the times I have visited, I have never seen anyone who wouldn't kill an erection pronto.

    • solsol
      solsol Over a year ago
      Hates it

      The place for self hatred
      If you have hid being Gay till you were old enough to collect social security, this is your place. If you need booze to get through your afternoon, if you have blackened your lungs from smoking but can't stop killing yourself, if there is no place else anyone wants you but the mirror you see in your drugged out state tells you you are hot, you will love it here.